23 January 2013

      As the author of the Tubbataha Protected Area Act, the tragic damage to the reef, sad to say, validates the law Congress enacted. For all sides, in all incidents, whether the running aground of the Rainbow Warrior of Greenpeace, or the USS Guardian, shows public opinion will condemn anyone who does harm. I am happy to see the PH government insisting on our laws and rights. I expect all nations to update their charts and work harder to ensure no future damage is done. No nation can ever disregard our natural resources and environment and laws again.

Statement of Senator Jamby Madrigal
Regarding the Covenant for Clean Elections
22 January 2013

         Today we sign a covenant that commits each one of us to making clean elections—a promise long deprived from our people—a reality for them. I pledge myself not only to the principles enshrined in this document but more importantly to the realization of a just and equitable society for Filipinos. This framework empowers all of us to make this vision possible; it empowers us to combat not only corruption in media but all forms of corrupt practices, which, we know, have placed the majority of our people at a disadvantage. Let us pray for resilience and let us hope that each of us will remain faithful. Ito po ang aking pangako: mananatili akong matapat at marangal; mananatili akong instrumento para sa malinis na halalan.


22 November 2012

For a nation that so deeply wants reforms in the justice system, the appointment of Marvic Leonen as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is welcome news. No one can doubt both the integrity and intellectual capacity of Dean Leonen. I am also certain he will wield a powerful pen for truth and reforms within the Supreme Court, adding an independent and progressive voice to the bench.

This appointment is a historic one that will have long-lasting benefits for reforming the justice system.


13 November 2012

Madrigal urges Supreme Court to broadcast Maguindanao Massacre Trial

I deeply regret the Supreme Court's decision to reverse its June 14, 2011 ruling allowing live media coverage of the Maguindanao massacre trial. Let us never forget that the mass murder of journalists and others in Maguindanao was, and is, one of the greatest tragedies in our nation's history.

The Supreme Court decision to reverse its previous ruling, acted on Andal Ampatuan Jr.'s motion for reconsideration which argues that a live broadcast would deprive him of due process, equal protection, a presumption of innocence, and would risk "degrading psychological punishment." Naturally one of the principal accused would say that; what is perhaps discouraging is that the Supreme Court has adopted a similar view. This is discouraging because faith in our people, faith in the courts, and faith in the system, would be preferable to mistrust of the public, the media, and the capacity

of the courts to judge fairly and impartially in this case.

I can only appeal to the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision. After all, the trial cannot be conducted in secret. Concerned citizens can still attend the trial and the Supreme Court itself has allowed livestreaming of the proceedings when conducted outside Metro Manila. Surely a similar effort could have been made in the case of proceedings in Metro Manila itself.

Let us all remember that justice delayed is justice denied; and that no one has anything to fear from a fearless, transparent, proceeding in the courts. Fifty eight victims continue to cry out for justice.

Jamby Madrigal supports the real sin tax reform, not the Philip Morris bill

Press Release – Action for Economic Reforms – October 2012

Amid the public outcry against the Senate version of the sin tax bill, former Senator Jamby Madrigal, said “this bill does not only generate less revenue for health care but also increases demand for lower priced cigarettes. This is the same dog with a different collar. Where is the reform here?"

   Madrigal recalled that in 2004, she was “one of the few senators, together with Sen. Ping Lacson, who consistently and vigorously pushed for the basic reforms that included a unitary specific tax, a high tax rate and an indexation of the tax rate.”  She also recalls that it was the Arroyo administration who pushed for the passage of a very weak bill, now a law that is being revised because of its glaring weaknesses."

Unfortunately, the reforms that she and Lacson advocated were defeated because of the powerful tobacco lobby.
Madrigal explains," The econometric study I commissioned in 2004 shows that increasing the tax rate to generate an additional P30 billion in revenues would barely change the demand for tobacco. The demand is highly inelastic, which in layman's terms means that a significant increase in price would hardly decrease demand and only encourage the sale of cheaper brands, due to the highly addictive nature of tobacco."

"This will not kill the tobacco industry but they may not make as large a killing!!!", Madrigal added.
  In response to the claim that there is also a model showing the loss of revenues with a very high tax rate, Madrigal said that, “the theory and the evidence worldwide will negate this claim. Look at what happened in Thailand, they are now benefitting from increased revenue and better health care. If they can do it so can we."  She said that it could only mean that the other model showed biased results in order to fit the tobacco lobby.  She warned that regression results can be twisted merely by manipulating the data or making false assumptions.

“I hope history will not repeat itself,” said Madrigal. “the economic facts are clear, anyone can study these and come to the same conclusion. She added, “Unfortunately, Taking the same old position will result in a bad bill sacrificing the country's welfare."

An advocacy closest to Madrigal’s heart is the  welfare of women and children. She added, “I strongly support a real sin tax reform that will effectively deter our women and children from the harmful effects of smoking.” Currently, 17% of women and 22.7% of in-school youth aged 13 to 15 are smokers, and the numbers are rising


4 October 2012


To continue her  pledge to uphold a principled and committed stand over that of political compromise and convenience, former Senator Jamby Madrigal files her Certificate of Candidacy today for the 2013 Senatorial race.

Madrigal is known for her  integrity and courage to fight for truth and justice.  During her 6-year stint at the Senate, Madrigal filed and passed landmark bills such as the Magna Carta for Women, Child Legitimation Law, Anti-child pornography Law and the Tubbataha Natural Park Act, which recently won the United Nations Silver Medal, to name a few.

Now that she is a member of the Liberal Party, Madrigal believes that she can actively pursue her legislative oversight on policies and implementation for women and children; the environment; social justice, and jobs and livelihoods with dignity, as well as good governance, human rights, and press freedom.

“I shall continue to walk my talk and show courage and integrity in representing the Filipino people.”Madrigal stressed.

 Among her advocacies is to lower the cost of living especially the price of food, water, rice and basic commodities through anti-cartel and anti-smuggling legislation and the promotion of organic farming. Madrigal also intends to look into the rising cost of water in the country.

 “There is a need for the water concessionaires to be transparent in their billing system, there should be no hidden charges, this is like robbing the Filipino people their hard earned money”, Madrigal added.



1 October 2012

I am honoured and happy to be a member of the Liberal Party and now hope to be part of the team for good governance of the Aquino administration in continuing the straight path to social and economic progress for all Filipino people.

As in the past, I continue to walk my talk and always take the principled and committed stand over that of political compromise and convenience.

I shall pursue my strong belief in legislative oversight on policies and implementation for women and children; the environment; social justice, and jobs and livelihoods with dignity, as well as good governance, human rights, and press freedom.

I shall continue to show courage and integrity in representing the Filipino people.

I am thankful to President Aquino and our party President Secretary Roxas, for this opportunity to seek a new mandate from our people.